Dental Implants: Which Is Suitable For You?

Dental Implants: Which Is Suitable For You?

Implant in SydneyPeople nowadays are very conscious of their smile. Having gaps will cause a huge effect on our self-confidence.

We always want to have a perfect smile with no gaps in between, but there are really some instances that we cannot avoid to have our teeth pulled out and its irreversible procedure.

Good thing we are in a generation where technology is very advance and now dental implants are already available in the market.

But what are the best dental implants? And are dental implants as strong as real teeth? Dental implants look natural and it is as strong as real teeth. It is the best way for teeth replacement.

There are different types of implants. Your dentist will be the one who will determine on which dental implant works for you.

The following are the 2 types of dental implants.

Endosteal: One of the most common dental implant. Usually made of titanium that looks like a screw which is then placed on the jaw bone of the patient.

Subperiosteal: A type of implant that is chosen by patient who doesn’t want to undergo bone augmentation and this is usually placed below the gum but on, or above, the jawbone.

Dental implant in Sydney is highly on demand. Also, be aware that having dental implants is a bit pricey compared to dentures and bridges.

Your dental practice will advise you for treatment plans to help you with your payment. Dental implants can last for 10-15 years or longer depending on how you maintain your oral health hygiene.

Your commitment is really needed to achieve the success of your treatment.

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