Can You Have Dental Implants If You Have Osteoporosis?

Can You Have Dental Implants If You Have Osteoporosis?

Tooth Implant in SydneyOsteoporosis is a skeletal disease that affects bone strength causing bone mass deterioration.

Since the success of dental implants rely solely on it’s the ability to fuse with the bone underneath your gums, this may make you question your chances of having a successful surgery if you are already suffering from osteoporosis.

Generally, dental implant surgery has a high percentage of being successful. Although osteoporosis might make your surgery a bit more complicated or challenging, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be successful.

We all know for a fact that all surgeries have risk factors involve, so with or without osteoporosis shouldn’t make that much difference.

Osteoporosis also has a major impact on the part of the jawbone that supports your teeth, but can osteoporosis cause teeth to break?

It may result in the weakening of the jawbones eventually causing your tooth to become loose or even fall out but there has been no report or findings of a tooth breaking due to osteoporosis. What about bone loss? Can dental implants cause bone loss? A recent study shows that 28% of patients who got implants had lost some amount of bone supporting their implants. It was also believed that the more implant a patient gets, the more they would increase their chances of losing their supporting bones.

The best way to ensure the success of your implant surgery is to let your dental implant dentist know about your condition, medical history, symptoms and your medications. That way, you and your dental implant dentist could weigh your options, formulate a treatment plan and device a strategy that would eventually lead to successful dental implant surgery.

So don’t let your osteoporosis scare you from having that implant surgery now if you are really interested in tooth replacement, tooth implant is available in Sydney. Take the risk, make an appointment and talk to your dentist.




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